The Latest Loophole That I Am Using To Make Good Money

Because of the epidemic, I have stayed at home recently. Fortunately, my income has not been affected, and it is even higher than before. I am here to disclose the method I recently used.

The recent news of The Bitcoin Halving made me start buying bitcoin again, and I was also using bitcoin for shopping. A few days ago I accidentally found a website that smells like profit.

I have been in the online marketing industry for almost 5 years, and like other big shots, I have used the loopholes of many websites to earn good money, including gambling websites, crypto-related websites, and some passive income…

No matter you are a salaryman, stay home mom, student, or even elder, you can use this loophole to make money. Although it is a loophole, it is absolutely reasonable and legal to use it in compliance with the rules.

Without further ado, let me show you the method! This website is It is similar to countless gift card websites out there. This website uses cryptocurrency to shop. This is nothing special, but when I saw their NEW PROMOTION, I found that this is a great opportunity to make good bucks.

Today, many cryptocurrency trading websites can buy or sell gift cards. The cost for big vendors to get these gift cards is about 50% of the value. I believe this site is also one of the big vendors and it is in the stage of promotion.


Simply put, the method I use is to use the promotional activities of those websites to buy gift cards at a low price and then sell them at a higher price to earn the price difference.


First, I will explain the website that can sell gift cards to monetize.

1. Cardpool

One of the advantages of working with Cardpool is that they allow you to sell electronic gift cards, not just the plastic kind. Many sites don’t allow you to sell these. You can get up to 92% cash back by selling your cards through the site, and payment is sent within one business day.

Payment can be provided by either an Amazon eGift Card delivered to your email address or by paper check mailed to you. But Cardpool has another advantage. They have physical locations around the country where you can bring your unwanted gift cards to exchange them for quick cash.

2. GiftCard Granny

You can buy discount gift cards through GiftCard Granny, but you also sell unwanted gift cards there too. In fact, GiftCard Granny gives you three ways to turn gift cards into cash.

The first is to sell it. You can use the platform to sell one or more gift cards through the top gift card websites on the web. You complete the screen below and then select the best offer that you receive on the card. They advertise that you can earn up to 92% cash back on the value of the card. This is also the fastest way to get paid for your cards.

3. claims that you can sell your unwanted gift cards in just 24 hours. They also enable you to sell store credits, which is a major plus if you returned an item and got a credit at a store that you don’t normally shop at.

Like other sites, you list your cards for sale, and you’re paid when the sale is completed. You can be paid by direct deposit, PayPal or a check.

4. CardCash

Like the other sites listed here, CardCash enables you to list your unwanted gift cards for sale, to receive as much as 92% of the remaining value of the card. They also enable you to trade your gift cards, which they claim will result in 11% more to you.

And there are more, like CardKangaroo, GC Spread, just find one that suits you.

I chose Cardcash because it supports Paypal, which is more convenient.

Next, I will show my step by step approach.

I initially tried to top up $500 on LoveCarder

I am personally used to using BTC, you can also use your preferred cryptocurrency.

Checked my balance

After the transfer, the recharged amount and Bonus have arrived immediately.

Next, I used all my balance to buy Walmart gift cards, why? Because selling Walmart gift cards on the Cardcash, you can get 88% of the value, which is the highest value of all gift cards I found, you can also find a better offer by yourself.

I just bought $800 value Walmart gift cards for $500, and now I sell them immediately and get $700, the profit here is $200.

You got $700 in sales, the money will arrive at your Paypal account in about 1-2 days. I sold them on Sunday, maybe it’s a little slower on the weekend, and I got the money on my Paypal account on Tuesday.

Compared with many online earning methods, this method is more profitable and faster. Please don’t feel unethical. In fact, even if we buy a gift card at a low price, the merchant will still not lose money, because the cost of such large merchants is about 50%, and all of these are in compliance with the rules and absolutely legal.

As of today, I have spent nearly 10K to buy gift cards and have sold them all. I am waiting for my funds to arrive my  Paypal.

If there are more cases, I will continue to update it in this post.


Because a friend told me that Cardcash now only accepts US Paypal, so I did more tests. Of course, you can also choose other sites accepted by your country to sell gift cards. I just provide some options here.

There is another site working worldwide, which can be used all over the world:

You can sell Amazon gift cards here, the price is not the highest, about 76% of the gift card value. I recharged $1,000 in LoveCarder and got $1,800 balance, and used them all to purchase Amazon gift cards. It took me 4 days to sell them all on Redeeem.

Follow the steps of the website, enter the card number and PIN and you can list your deal. There are not many sellers on this website, so there is very little inventory on it, but there are many buyers, so you can sell your cards relatively fast.

After the successful sale, fill in your BTC address, you can transfer your earning to your BTC wallet, I am used to using BTC wallet.

The value of Bitcoin will fluctuate. By the time the BTC arrived, the value was changed from $1,368 to $1,358.04

This time, I invested $1,000, and finally got $1,358.04, with a profit of $358, and this method is applicable all over the world. I hope you can use the method that suits you best.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Jeff Lin

    Hey, Sean
    I’m from Singapore, those gift card trading sites don’t take Singapore Paypals, so I sold them on, you should try:)

    1. Sean R. Wilson

      ok I will, thanks for noticing!

  2. Nick

    You’re awesome bro!!! I got my Cardpool check yestoday, easy money! I invested $500 and it turns into $656 just in 1 day. Now I’m waiting for my next payout which is $1,476.
    Here are some tips for you guys, cards with the highest cashback rate on Cardpool:
    Best-buy: 82.2%
    Target: 78.6%
    Walmart: 82%
    Nordstrom: 78.7%

    1. Sean R. Wilson

      Wow, thank you for sharing!

  3. Gabriella

    Thank you Sean, I did a $300 top-up on Myegiftmall, then I bought $420 Apple store egift cards. Sold $400, for $336 on Cardpool, I just got the check today. Muchas gracias!

    1. Sean R. Wilson

      Good job! But I think they stopped taking apple store gift cards since yesterday 🙁

      1. Gabriella

        You’re right, sometimes they accept apple store cards, sometimes don’t, weird. I’m selling best-buy cards on Cardpool now, good rate.

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